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openSPOT4 changelog (stable and beta firmwares)

Changelog for stable and beta firmware versions of the

v19 (upcoming)

  • Fixed the battery charge low voice announcement: it won’t be played when it’s disabled
  • Fixed the DMR ID registration link in the Quick Setup

v18 (beta)

  • Various fixes and improvements

v17 (stable)

  • Further fixes in APRS, DAPNET data handling

v16 (stable)

  • Fixes in APRS data handling

v15 (stable)

  • Fixed: data packets with password sent to SharkRF IP Connector were not processed by the server
  • Added missing profile switch descriptions for the Pro version
  • Added option to disable C4FM downlink callsign send to modem

v14 (stable)

  • Fixed BrandMeister server announcements
  • Fixed modem TX power and hostname setting apply on save
  • Fixed Homebrew/MMDVM config send to server

v13 (stable)

  • Fixed: receiving a P25 call from the modem blocked the web interface
  • Fixed: CWID enable setting ignored

v12 (stable)

  • Fixed: P25 TG ID display and voice announcement
  • Fixed: stuttering C4FM disconnect voice announcements
  • Added padding to srf-ip-conn callsigns with spaces
  • Fixed: reversed TX/RX traffic counters

v11 (stable)

  • Fixed occasional hang on control calls

v10 (stable)

  • Improved accuracy of battery charge/discharge remaining estimates
  • Fixed FCS server Wires-X button server ID

v9 (stable)

  • Various fixes and improvements

v7 (stable)

  • Initial release