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Note before purchase: both the openSPOT4 and openSPOT4 Pro can do cross modes, however, D-STAR® cross mode operation requires the Pro version of the openSPOT4, which you can purchase below. Read more about this here. Transceiver functionality of the SharkRF Link app can only be used with the Pro version.


The openSPOT4 is our latest battery powered, portable, standalone digital radio internet gateway (hotspot) designed mainly for amateur radio use. You can talk with others on digital radio networks by using an openSPOT4, Wi-Fi internet access, and your digital transceiver.

Our team has completely redesigned both the hardware and software, with a multicore CPU and a completely new Wi-Fi module, which means both the web interface and update downloads are blazing fast. The built-in battery has a larger capacity, and the device can work much longer than our previous battery-powered models thanks to the new hardware and optimized software.


The openSPOT4 Pro extends the feature set of the openSPOT4 with onboard transcoding hardware:

  • The openSPOT4 Pro has the best voice quality in cross mode operation
  • You don’t need a transceiver for the Pro! Use the free SharkRF Link app on your computer or phone to talk.
  • Supports D-STAR® cross modes: use your D-STAR® transceiver to access DMR, C4FM, NXDN® networks, or your DMR, C4FM, NXDN® transceiver to access D-STAR® networks
  • Supports call audio playback on the web interface
  • Supports 10 configuration profiles

Compatible digital radio protocols and networks

  • DMR (BrandMeister, DMRplus, DMR-MARC, Phoenix, XLX, TGIF and others)
  • D-STAR® (DCS, REF/DPlus, XRF/DExtra, XLX)
  • System Fusion®/C4FM (FCS, YSFReflector, XLX)
  • NXDN® (NXDNReflector)
  • P25 (P25Reflector)
  • APRS® messaging and location data forwarding (APRS-IS)

Supports cross modes* (example: talk with your D-STAR® transceiver on DMR, and with your DMR transceiver on D-STAR® networks).

See the product specifications here.

Beer and transceiver are not included in the box.

Key features

  • Built-in Li-ion battery with up to 30 hours of operation**
  • Built-in transcoding hardware* for the best voice quality in cross mode operation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and radio antenna
  • Built-in beeper with audible status tones
  • Free SharkRF Link app for computers and phones for easy web interface access. You can use the app as a transceiver with the Pro version!
  • Web-based easy and fast Quick Setup
  • Call audio playback on the web interface*
  • No additional hardware required, works out of the box without a computer
  • USB-C charge cable included in the box
  • Use even in your vehicle with extreme fast bootup and USB power supply tolerance
  • User manual available online
  • 2 year warranty*** with official support in email / community forum
  • Web interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Create your own private radio network using our open source server application

* Hardware transcoding and call audio playback on the web interface is only available in the openSPOT4 Pro. The list of openSPOT4 and openSPOT4 Pro cross modes can be found here.
** The length of the battery discharge time is affected by the device’s operation mode (transmitting or receiving, or cross mode is used), traffic on the connected Wi-Fi network (even if the traffic is not to/from the openSPOT4), Wi-Fi signal quality, web interface is opened.
*** The battery and the USB-C charger cable have only one year long warranty period (70% battery end of warranty capacity).

D-STAR® is a registered trademark of Icom Inc.
System Fusion® is a registered trademark of Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd.
NXDN® is a registered trademark of JVC Kenwood Corp. and Icom Inc.
APRS® is a registered trademark Bob Bruninga, WB4APR