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openSPOT2 changelog

Changelog for stable firmware versions of the


  • Fixed entering raw Homebrew/MMDVM options


  • Fixed occasional lockup on connector disconnecting/reconnecting
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Updated the BrandMeister Manager to the latest BrandMeister API auth change


  • Added v2 API key support to the BrandMeister Manager on the web interface (note that v2 keys are stored in the browser, not in the device)
  • Fixed FCS server Wires-X button server ID
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Improve stability


  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Improve stability


  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed web interface page bottom margins


  • Fixed web interface page jump on the Tools page when a POCSAG message is transmitted


  • Added handling of REF/XRF busy and read only server messages
  • Change NXDN default cross mode destination ID on cross mode server change
  • Limit width of list dropdown entries
  • Workaround for YSFReflector connect by ID with newer Fusion transceiver firmwares
  • Other fixes and enhancements


  • Added support for FCS servers which have IDs larger than 9
  • Added support for Wires-X unlink command (which can be triggered for example by pressing and holding the BAND button on the transceiver)
  • Trim input strings on the web interface
  • Fixed sending periodic Wires-X disconnect messages while server is disconnected
  • Fixed: DMR reroute ID was updated with profile change ID on profile change


  • Trim entered APRS, DAPNET, Quick Setup callsigns


  • Added option to auto ignore D-STAR and C4FM DTMF codes after 10 seconds from call start, enabled by default
  • Fixed: BMM sidebar button not hidden after switching connectors from Homebrew
  • Fixed D-STAR message in AP mode
  • Further fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed web interface in AP mode when a web interface password was set


  • Fixes and enhancements


  • Added workaround for invalid NMEA sentences coming from Kenwood TH-D74 transceivers if manual GPS position is used
  • Reduced APRS beacon location send interval to 10 minutes
  • Fixed graph widths on small displays
  • Fixed cut in D-STAR voice announcements when a transmission is coming from the network
  • Fixed unexpected web interface reloads caused by invalid callsigns
  • Other fixes and enhancements


  • Added support for custom Wires-X menu hostname
  • Added support for D-STAR fast data calls
  • Added workaround for duplicate frames (slow motion voice effect) coming from DMRplus servers
  • Added APRS symbol for Yaesu FT3D.
  • Fixed warnings if the callsign database is not available
  • Fixed DMRplus XLX passthrough if CC is not 1
  • Fixed DAPNET invalid sequence number errors
  • Fixed cutouts in transmission to the server when a C4FM/Fusion radio is sending GPS positions and the APRS client is turned on
  • Fixed C4FM modem mode stuck on Half Deviation once selected in the Quick Setup
  • Fixed web interface width on small screen displays.
  • Other fixes and enhancements


  • Added support for decoding timestamp fields in D-STAR DPRS messages, this allows receiving DPRS position reports from ICOM IC7100 transceivers
  • Added “Force generate talker alias to modem” option to the DMR settings. If it’s enabled, the openSPOT2 generates a talker alias to the stream sent to the modem based on the information available in the DMR ID database. This can be used on networks which do not generate talker alias automatically, but you want to see the incoming call’s callsign and name on the transceiver’s display.
  • Added TGIF talkgroup handling to the ID database with the new “Preferred talkgroup list” option at the DMR settings section.
  • Simplified Quick Setup


  • Added audible CW ID feature
  • Underline links in descriptions
  • Time from the device is reloaded when the web interface was idle for too long to avoid incorrect displayed device time
  • Improved DCS invalid sequence number handling in incoming packets
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Minor fixes and enhancements


  • Added option to disable callsign database lookups for group calls
  • Added data download resume support
  • Fixed Wi-Fi reconnect issues
  • Various smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Server names in the Wires-X button interface are now converted uppercase, this can be turned off on the Settings page, C4FM settings section
  • Added manual Wi-Fi connect button to the initialization setup
  • Wi-Fi SSID and key can now be saved more easily using the Wireless Scan on the Network page
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Fixed: BrandMeister server URLs were not updated on the Status page after primary -> backup server switch
  • Various smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Added P25 modem mode and P25Reflector connector including Fusion/C4FM cross mode
  • Added P25 support for SharkRF IP Connector Protocol, YSFReflector and FCS
  • Added support for the D-STAR unlink (U) command (DTMF #), it changes the active connector to the Null connector
  • Improved DMR SMS decoding


  • Added TGIF talkgroups to the talkgroup list
  • TGIF and DMRplus TG/reflector names are now shown on Quick Call button hover or long press
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Added missing NXDN mode for the built-in SharkRF IP Connector Protocol server
  • Fixed C4FM APRS location processing from the network
  • Fixed empty field warnings when the Connectors page got activated
  • Fixed displaying SSIDs with invalid UTF8 characters in the Wi-Fi scan list


  • Added APRS connector with messaging (APRS chat) and D-STAR, C4FM/Fusion GPS location forwarding.
  • Added height ASL to the location settings.
  • Added new setting: ignore modem RX after TX has finished for specified amount of time.
  • Talkgroup name is now displayed in Quick Call on hovering or long button press
  • The YSFReflector connector is now activated when a C4FM reflector DTMF ID is dialled.
  • [R] (reverse) icon is no longer displayed on C4FM/Fusion transceivers in Wires-X mode.
  • C4FM/Fusion calls are now reported without server IDs as all calls to YSFReflector and SRF-IP-Conn servers.
  • Fixed: can’t switch back to startup Homebrew/MMDVM server from Wires-X button menu
  • Fixed reboot on some XLX servers.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements


  • Added support for Wires-X button on C4FM/Fusion radios
    • The openSPOT2 lists servers of the currently active connector
    • If the currently active connector does not have a server list (ex. the Null connector) then it lists YSFReflector servers by default
    • Adding to and listing categories are also supported
    • In case it is needed the OS2 automatically switches connectors if a server is activated through categories
  • Added support for NXDNReflector and YSFReflector server change from radio
  • Added support for D-STAR DTMF server switching (besides the already available urcall switch method), format:
    • DCS001 B can be called: D1B, D102, D0102, D00102
    • XLX003 C can be called: C3C, C303, C0303, C00303
    • REF001 C can be called: *1C, *01C, *001C
    • XRF001 A can be called: B1A, B01A, B001A
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Added option to override the source DMR ID for calls received by the modem
  • Added syslog port setting
  • Retry syslog host DNS name resolution several times before giving up
  • Increased precision of location coordinates
  • Changed DAPNET user auth key name to DAPNET user password
  • Auto mute incoming 4000 disconnect call after quick calling, display “muted” type for muted disconnect 4000 calls
  • Fixed: invalid seqnum errors not shown on the dejitter queue graph
  • Fixed: modem mode not changed when connector switched during voice announcements
  • Fixed: received NXDN transmission not sent correctly by the srf-ip-conn connector in NXDN mode
  • Fixed issues with Homebrew call rerouting
  • Fixed DAPNET port type in the Quick Setup
  • Fixed traffic graph not showing and traffic counters reset
  • Fixed: multiple active call log entries
  • Fixed: D-STAR call restarts during a call
  • Several other minor fixes and enhancements


  • Added NXDNReflector support
  • Added workaround for non-standard DMR voice call headers/preambles used by Connect Systems radios
  • Added CSBK passthrough
  • Active calls are now removed from the call log on a connector change
  • Homebrew/MMDVM frames with duplicate sequence numbers sent by some DMRplus servers are now ignored
  • Invalid Homebrew/MMDVM seqnum handling improvements
  • Currently connected YSFReflector ID is now announced
  • Fixed: Quick Setup NXDN RAN setting not set when NXDN settings were loaded
  • Fixed: “Connected to” row remained hidden when changing connectors from Homebrew/MMDVM
  • Fixed: unable to save “Allow only IDs as cross mode callsigns” DMR setting
  • Fixed: C4FM half deviation modem mode
  • Fixed: POCSAG message queue title is hidden if advanced mode is turned off


  • Added POCSAG and DAPNET support
  • Added web interface warning for invalid REF/XRF local module settings
  • Added port type to port fields on the web interface
  • Fixed: YSFReflector seqnum transmit error in C4FM modem mode
  • Fixed: DMRPlus dongle connector active server not chosen by default in the server list


  • Fix browser error which caused nothing happening when an SSID has some special characters and the user clicks on Connect
  • Various smaller bugfixes


  • Reworked configuration profile settings which allow renaming all profiles with one click, copying between them more easily and flexible file exporting and importing.
  • Added common wireless settings option which enables saving wireless settings to all configuration profiles at the same time.
  • Added TS2 TG DMRPlus options to the Homebrew connector.
  • Added parsing of 2nd name server from DHCP server reply.
  • Auto remove space and replace commas in entered frequency values on the web interface.
  • Removed automatic D-STAR registration check on connector settings save.
  • Fixed: hostname not displayed correctly in the inf serial console command’s output right after boot.


  • Auto scroll to the selected dropdown item when the dropdown is shown
  • Auto relogin when the browser’s authentication token is expired
  • Move bootloader upgrade to AP mode
  • Fix IP address entering in the YSFReflector Quick Setup section


  • Added bootloader upgrade
  • Added confirmation dialog for upgrade reboot
  • Fixed server address field was empty when server was not available


  • Fixed connecting to iPhone shared Wi-Fi connection
  • Turn off auto capitalization when toggling password show/hide


  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware and settings
  • Only reload the web interface in AP mode when changing Wi-Fi settings when needed
  • Added description of the Handle messages option at the DMR SMS section
  • Fixed: timezone offset calculation when DST is not in use
  • Fixed: NTP last synced display on the web interface
  • Fixed: graph flickering when opened/closed quickly on small screens
  • Fixed: some Wi-Fi stations not showing up during scan
  • Fixed: config profile switching


  • Ignore NTP server acquired from DHCP server when it’s unreachable after a few tries
  • Fix DMR SMS to network option not activated when needed on page load
  • Fix DMR SMS destination interface label
  • Fix FWU state not displaying on the Tools page