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openSPOT2 changelog

Changelog for stable firmware versions of the


  • Added audible CW ID feature
  • Underline links in descriptions
  • Time from the device is reloaded when the web interface was idle for too long to avoid incorrect displayed device time
  • Improved DCS invalid sequence number handling in incoming packets
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Minor fixes and enhancements


  • Added option to disable callsign database lookups for group calls
  • Added data download resume support
  • Fixed Wi-Fi reconnect issues
  • Various smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Server names in the Wires-X button interface are now converted uppercase, this can be turned off on the Settings page, C4FM settings section
  • Added manual Wi-Fi connect button to the initialization setup
  • Wi-Fi SSID and key can now be saved more easily using the Wireless Scan on the Network page
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Fixed: BrandMeister server URLs were not updated on the Status page after primary -> backup server switch
  • Various smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Added P25 modem mode and P25Reflector connector including Fusion/C4FM cross mode
  • Added P25 support for SharkRF IP Connector Protocol, YSFReflector and FCS
  • Added support for the D-STAR unlink (U) command (DTMF #), it changes the active connector to the Null connector
  • Improved DMR SMS decoding


  • Added TGIF talkgroups to the talkgroup list
  • TGIF and DMRplus TG/reflector names are now shown on Quick Call button hover or long press
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Added missing NXDN mode for the built-in SharkRF IP Connector Protocol server
  • Fixed C4FM APRS location processing from the network
  • Fixed empty field warnings when the Connectors page got activated
  • Fixed displaying SSIDs with invalid UTF8 characters in the Wi-Fi scan list


  • Added APRS connector with messaging (APRS chat) and D-STAR, C4FM/Fusion GPS location forwarding.
  • Added height ASL to the location settings.
  • Added new setting: ignore modem RX after TX has finished for specified amount of time.
  • Talkgroup name is now displayed in Quick Call on hovering or long button press
  • The YSFReflector connector is now activated when a C4FM reflector DTMF ID is dialled.
  • [R] (reverse) icon is no longer displayed on C4FM/Fusion transceivers in Wires-X mode.
  • C4FM/Fusion calls are now reported without server IDs as all calls to YSFReflector and SRF-IP-Conn servers.
  • Fixed: can’t switch back to startup Homebrew/MMDVM server from Wires-X button menu
  • Fixed reboot on some XLX servers.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements


  • Added support for Wires-X button on C4FM/Fusion radios
    • The openSPOT2 lists servers of the currently active connector
    • If the currently active connector does not have a server list (ex. the Null connector) then it lists YSFReflector servers by default
    • Adding to and listing categories are also supported
    • In case it is needed the OS2 automatically switches connectors if a server is activated through categories
  • Added support for NXDNReflector and YSFReflector server change from radio
  • Added support for D-STAR DTMF server switching (besides the already available urcall switch method), format:
    • DCS001 B can be called: D1B, D102, D0102, D00102
    • XLX003 C can be called: C3C, C303, C0303, C00303
    • REF001 C can be called: *1C, *01C, *001C
    • XRF001 A can be called: B1A, B01A, B001A
  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware
  • Added option to override the source DMR ID for calls received by the modem
  • Added syslog port setting
  • Retry syslog host DNS name resolution several times before giving up
  • Increased precision of location coordinates
  • Changed DAPNET user auth key name to DAPNET user password
  • Auto mute incoming 4000 disconnect call after quick calling, display “muted” type for muted disconnect 4000 calls
  • Fixed: invalid seqnum errors not shown on the dejitter queue graph
  • Fixed: modem mode not changed when connector switched during voice announcements
  • Fixed: received NXDN transmission not sent correctly by the srf-ip-conn connector in NXDN mode
  • Fixed issues with Homebrew call rerouting
  • Fixed DAPNET port type in the Quick Setup
  • Fixed traffic graph not showing and traffic counters reset
  • Fixed: multiple active call log entries
  • Fixed: D-STAR call restarts during a call
  • Several other minor fixes and enhancements


  • Added NXDNReflector support
  • Added workaround for non-standard DMR voice call headers/preambles used by Connect Systems radios
  • Added CSBK passthrough
  • Active calls are now removed from the call log on a connector change
  • Homebrew/MMDVM frames with duplicate sequence numbers sent by some DMRplus servers are now ignored
  • Invalid Homebrew/MMDVM seqnum handling improvements
  • Currently connected YSFReflector ID is now announced
  • Fixed: Quick Setup NXDN RAN setting not set when NXDN settings were loaded
  • Fixed: “Connected to” row remained hidden when changing connectors from Homebrew/MMDVM
  • Fixed: unable to save “Allow only IDs as cross mode callsigns” DMR setting
  • Fixed: C4FM half deviation modem mode
  • Fixed: POCSAG message queue title is hidden if advanced mode is turned off


  • Added POCSAG and DAPNET support
  • Added web interface warning for invalid REF/XRF local module settings
  • Added port type to port fields on the web interface
  • Fixed: YSFReflector seqnum transmit error in C4FM modem mode
  • Fixed: DMRPlus dongle connector active server not chosen by default in the server list


  • Fix browser error which caused nothing happening when an SSID has some special characters and the user clicks on Connect
  • Various smaller bugfixes


  • Reworked configuration profile settings which allow renaming all profiles with one click, copying between them more easily and flexible file exporting and importing.
  • Added common wireless settings option which enables saving wireless settings to all configuration profiles at the same time.
  • Added TS2 TG DMRPlus options to the Homebrew connector.
  • Added parsing of 2nd name server from DHCP server reply.
  • Auto remove space and replace commas in entered frequency values on the web interface.
  • Removed automatic D-STAR registration check on connector settings save.
  • Fixed: hostname not displayed correctly in the inf serial console command’s output right after boot.


  • Auto scroll to the selected dropdown item when the dropdown is shown
  • Auto relogin when the browser’s authentication token is expired
  • Move bootloader upgrade to AP mode
  • Fix IP address entering in the YSFReflector Quick Setup section


  • Added bootloader upgrade
  • Added confirmation dialog for upgrade reboot
  • Fixed server address field was empty when server was not available


  • Fixed connecting to iPhone shared Wi-Fi connection
  • Turn off auto capitalization when toggling password show/hide


  • Updated Wi-Fi module firmware and settings
  • Only reload the web interface in AP mode when changing Wi-Fi settings when needed
  • Added description of the Handle messages option at the DMR SMS section
  • Fixed: timezone offset calculation when DST is not in use
  • Fixed: NTP last synced display on the web interface
  • Fixed: graph flickering when opened/closed quickly on small screens
  • Fixed: some Wi-Fi stations not showing up during scan
  • Fixed: config profile switching


  • Ignore NTP server acquired from DHCP server when it’s unreachable after a few tries
  • Fix DMR SMS to network option not activated when needed on page load
  • Fix DMR SMS destination interface label
  • Fix FWU state not displaying on the Tools page