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openSPOT3 changelog

Changelog for stable firmware versions of the


  • Callsign information is now compatible with newer REF/XRF server dashboards
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed entering raw Homebrew/MMDVM options


  • Fixed occasional lockup on connector disconnecting/reconnecting
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Updated the BrandMeister Manager to the latest BrandMeister API auth change


  • Added v2 API key support to the BrandMeister Manager on the web interface (note that v2 keys are stored in the browser, not in the device)
  • Fixed FCS server Wires-X button server ID
  • Fixed P25Reflector server change with private IDs and when rerouting is disabled
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Improve stability
  • Fix version in Wires-X reply
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed: Homebrew protocol sequence number and stream ID not set when cross mode is used
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Improve stability


  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Add option to set a forced source callsign to use on D-STAR networks in cross mode operation
  • Fixed web interface page bottom margins
  • Fixed YSFReflector server reconnect on first PTT from a C4FM transceiver
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed web interface page jump on the Tools page when a POCSAG message is transmitted


  • Added cross mode send DGID to network setting, and change from transceiver (applies to FCS and YSFReflector connectors in cross mode)
  • Fixed: interrupt on call start from modem when using the Homebrew connector in cross mode and auto connect is enabled
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Display a notification on the web interface if the Homebrew/MMDVM server has rejected the connection
  • Added logging the reason of D-STAR call ends
  • Increased the number used for determining the remote module when using a D-STAR server with a DMR or NXDN transceiver. 01 is now module A, 02 is module B, 03 is module C and so on. Example: ID 4901 will connect to DCS009A (server type 4 (DCS), number 9 and module 01 which is A)
  • Battery charge optimizations
  • Auto switch back to AP mode if can’t connect to Wi-Fi network for 1 minute (this auto switch only happens after a configuration profile reset)
  • Fixed sending D-STAR fast data calls to the modem
  • Fixed: LED state did not change immediately when changing Wi-Fi settings


  • Display linked BrandMeister talkgroup names and link to their Wiki pages
  • Added support for YSFReflector and FCS options (static DGID list)
  • Added support for sending hotspot info to YSFReflector
  • Added support for sending hotspot info in the new format to FCS servers
  • Improved powersaving when the device is powered off
  • Other fixes and enhancements


  • Added option to unlink from Homebrew/MMDVM talkgroups/reflectors or switch to the Null connector on power button triple press
  • Added handling of REF/XRF busy and read only server messages
  • Play a different beep sequence when powersaving is enabled with the Wi-Fi button
  • Added NXDNReflector server switch using D-STAR DTMF codes
  • Limit width of list dropdown entries
  • Workaround for YSFReflector connect by ID with newer Fusion transceiver firmwares
  • Other fixes and enhancements


  • Added support for FCS servers which have IDs larger than 9
  • Added support for Wires-X unlink command (which can be triggered for example by pressing and holding the BAND button on the transceiver)
  • Added option to enable P25Reflector server change with a group call (it’s enabled by default)
  • Trim input strings on the web interface
  • Fixed sending periodic Wires-X disconnect messages while server is disconnected
  • Fixed forwarding DMR CSBK data calls from the network
  • Fixed: DMR reroute ID was updated with profile change ID on profile change


  • New feature when using a D-STAR transceiver on a DMR server: starting a D-STAR call to a destination callsign which is in the ID database starts a private call to the callsign’s DMR ID
  • Trim entered APRS, DAPNET, Quick Setup callsigns


  • Fixed B and T D-STAR URCALL commands
  • Fixed YSFReflector server switch from D-STAR transceiver
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Periodic time announcement (in 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 hour intervals), time query (ID 9995 or DTMF codes CD)
  • Hide TG4000 from the dynamically linked BrandMeister talkgroup list on the Status page
  • Fixed: REF/XRF remote module was not shown on the web interface if it was between letters A-E
  • Fixed: RTC scheduling hour calculation
  • Fixed: advanced mode notification button width
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Added hardware transcoding support between DMR-C4FM, NXDN-C4FM, and DMR-NXDN
  • Added webaudio feature: call audio (coming from the network or the modem) can be played using the web interface
  • Added battery percentage voice announcement
  • Added battery low voice announcement
  • Added call muting support based on ID or callsign
  • Allow powering on with the power button even if the “Turn off if no charger is connected” setting is active
  • Added “Unlink TG/ref. on cross mode DTMF call” setting to the Homebrew/MMDVM connector. If this is enabled (it is enabled by default), the openSPOT3 will automatically do a group call to DMR ID 4000 before calling the newly requested DTMF ID
  • Fixed: quick call did not update the Route cross mode calls to ID setting correctly when using cross modes
  • Fixed: BMM sidebar button not hidden after switching connectors from Homebrew
  • Fixed D-STAR message in AP mode
  • Smaller fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed web interface in AP mode when a web interface password was set


  • Added D-STAR modem mode support to the FCS, YSFReflector and NXDNReflector connectors
  • Added C4FM and NXDN modem mode support to the REF/XRF and DCS/XLX connectors
  • Added C4FM/NXDN/D-STAR cross mode support for incoming D-STAR/C4FM/NXDN data to the SharkRF IP Connector client/server connectors
  • Added support for D-STAR gateway usage with DMR, C4FM and NXDN transceivers
  • Added support for setting a forced message sent to the D-STAR network in cross mode
  • Added support for changing to BrandMeister, YSFReflector and NXDNReflector servers using a D-STAR transceiver
  • Fixed powering on when the “Power off if no charger is connected” setting is enabled
  • Fixed Wires-X button status not updating with the FCS connector
  • Fixed re-keying needed after receiving a C4FM srf-ip-conn call
  • Fixed DMR cross mode destination ID and call type not stored when dialled from a D-STAR radio using the URCALL method
  • Fixed DMR force talker alias to network setting was not used when sending a call to a D-STAR network
  • Further fixes and enhancements


  • Added RTC function, which allows the device to wake up and power down every day at a predefined time
  • Reduced APRS beacon location send interval to 10 minutes
  • Fixed graph widths on small displays
  • Fixed cut in D-STAR voice announcements when a transmission is coming from the network
  • Fixed unexpected web interface reloads caused by invalid callsigns
  • Further fixes and enhancements


  • Fixes and enhancements


  • Add support for powering down after an idle timeout


  • Initial release