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openSPOT3 changelog

Changelog for stable firmware versions of the


  • Added D-STAR modem mode support to the FCS, YSFReflector and NXDNReflector connectors
  • Added C4FM and NXDN modem mode support to the REF/XRF and DCS/XLX connectors
  • Added C4FM/NXDN/D-STAR cross mode support for incoming D-STAR/C4FM/NXDN data to the SharkRF IP Connector client/server connectors
  • Added support for D-STAR gateway usage with DMR, C4FM and NXDN transceivers
  • Added support for setting a forced message sent to the D-STAR network in cross mode
  • Added support for changing to BrandMeister, YSFReflector and NXDNReflector servers using a D-STAR transceiver
  • Fixed powering on when the “Power off if no charger is connected” setting is enabled
  • Fixed Wires-X button status not updating with the FCS connector
  • Fixed re-keying needed after receiving a C4FM srf-ip-conn call
  • Fixed DMR cross mode destination ID and call type not stored when dialled from a D-STAR radio using the URCALL method
  • Fixed DMR force talker alias to network setting was not used when sending a call to a D-STAR network
  • Further fixes and enhancements


  • Added RTC function, which allows the device to wake up and power down every day at a predefined time
  • Reduced APRS beacon location send interval to 10 minutes
  • Fixed graph widths on small displays
  • Fixed cut in D-STAR voice announcements when a transmission is coming from the network
  • Fixed unexpected web interface reloads caused by invalid callsigns
  • Further fixes and enhancements


  • Fixes and enhancements


  • Add support for powering down after an idle timeout


  • Initial release