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This product has been discontinued, however, it’s still supported until 31th December, 2020. Click here for the new openSPOT3!

Note that no new firmware upgrades are planned currently as it implements all advertised features.

openSPOT is a standalone digital radio IP gateway / hotspot

Key features:

  • Supports DMR (Brandmeister, DMRplus), D-Star (DCS, REF/DPlus, XRF/DExtra, XLX), System Fusion (FCS, YSFReflector) networks. More supported networks and features will be available with new firmware releases.
  • Supports cross modem modes. Talk with your C4FM radio on DMR, and with your DMR radio on System Fusion networks!
  • Very easy to use, works without a computer. No additional hardware required, works out of the box. All accessories included.
  • Web interface for configuration and monitoring.
  • HTTP, UDP/TCP API support.
  • Custom 2FSK/4FSK RF protocol support with TDMA.
  • USB powered, low energy consumption, 20mW RF output.
  • Create your own private radio network using our open source server application.
  • Runs fully embedded software written in pure C, running on an embedded real time operating system. No Linux, bulky Windows software or failing SD cards!

Watch the intro video:

Designed for amateur radio

  • Connect openSPOT easily to DMR, D-Star reflectors, C4FM/System Fusion rooms, and use your radio with excellent voice quality without sync errors
  • Customize communication settings on the web interface
  • Discover how digital protocols work, and connect your own apps by sending and receiving RF frames in UDP packets
  • Create your own RF protocol by customizing RF modem settings, packet format, sync words (even with TDMA support)
  • Use single, or separate RX/TX frequencies

State of the art hardware design

  • 2 CPUs running at 100 and 120MHz
  • USB mass storage device bootloader for easy firmware upgrades
  • 4 multicolor, bright LEDs for easy real time state monitoring
  • Low power usage
  • Automatic recalibration

DMR features

  • Use openSPOT not only as a DMR hotspot, but as a base or mobile station with 2 timeslots simultaneously
  • Timeslot repeating in base station/repeater mode
  • Send and receive DMR SMS messages
  • Built-in echo service
  • Controllable with calls and custom short messages to preconfigured DMR IDs
Sold with 2 year warranty, including official support on the community forums.

Package contents: openSPOT, antenna, Ethernet cable, USB cable, 120V/230V USB power supply (EU, US, AU and UK plugs included).

The package includes all accessories you need to have openSPOT up and running 24/7.